The Valvoline company was started in 1967 by Jared Holmes and Dan Schmidt, and quickly went on to become a world class company producing many different varieties of motor oil. Valvoline’s big claim to fame was the fantastic variety of their product line; with a whopping eight different varieties of motor oil, Valvoline boasts the largest product lineup of any motor oil company on the market. Valvoline is also famous for their innovation in developing various additives to improve motor oil. Valvoline has pioneered the use of polyligens (a special heat-reducing molecule) in motor oil, and has also worked hard at finding ways to slow down the oxidation of motor oil. Look for Valvoline coupons today.

Types of Valvoline Coupons

As mentioned previously, Valvoline produces eight varieties of motor oil: 1, Conventional, 2, higher mileage, 3, synthetic blend, 4, full synthetic, 5, racing, 6, diesel, 7, ATV & motorcycle, and 8, small engine oil. Of all the varieties Valvoline produces, their most popular is their higher mileage variety. Valvoline higher mileage motor oil really does have the capacity to slightly increase cars’ gas mileage. Consumers have definitely noticed. Besides higher mileage, Valvoline’s small engine oil is quite popular, especially with boat enthusiasts. Boat enthusiasts love how Valvoline’s small engine motor oil boosts their engines’ resistance to corrosion (an especially big problem with seafaring boats), and consequently enables them to maintain their engines in good working order for longer periods of time. While not quite as popular as its higher mileage or small engines motor oil, Valvoline’s ATV & Motorcycle motor oil has a following of its own. ATV & Motorcycle enthusiasts like using Valvoline’s ATV & Motorcycle oil because it is one of the only motor oils on the market specifically designed for use with motorcycles and ATVs. Almost no other reputable motor oil manufacturer in the world makes motor oil specifically to meet the needs of motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts. Valvoline motor oil also enjoys an advantage over the competition, because Valvoline has an excellent reputation for customer service. All Valvoline products can be easily refunded if consumers are dissatisfied with them for any reason. Another attractive feature of Valvoline motor oil is its even consistency. A lot of motor oils on the market today do not always have an even consistency. Some motor oils are too viscous and others sometimes have small lumps due to the presence of hardened polymers. Valvoline motor oil has none of these problems, and their reputation has benefited immensely because of this. Yet another positive thing about the Valvoline company is their willingness to routinely produce Valvoline coupons, which are redeemable at all locations where Valvoline motor oil is sold.

Find Valvoline Coupons

Tracking down Valvoline coupons is very easy. Your best bet is to start by visiting your local gas station and seeing if they have any coupons. Most gas stations have some Valvoline coupons in stock, available to anyone that walks in the store. If, for some reason, your local gas station does not have any Valvoline coupons, consider looking through some magazines targeted at car enthusiasts. Magazines made for car enthusiasts nearly always have some Valvoline coupon inserts.