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The first car was invented in 1886 by the Duryea brothers, but it wasn’t until 1927, when the first Model T was made, that motor oil was invented. George Estach is the man whom most historians credit with the invention of motor oil. He developed his first blend of motor oil in 1927, and sold it under the brandname Estach Oil. Estach Oil did not last very long, and George Estach soon found himself filing for bankruptcy. However, several motor oil companies (such as the now defunct Groi Oil) sprung up after George Estach stopped competing in the market, and these companies started to become very successful financially as more and more people bought automobiles. One of the ways Groi Oil and others managed to spread word of their product was by pioneering the use of motor oil coupons, a marketing tactic they used with great success.

Types of Motor Oil Coupons

There are a great many brands of motor oil on the market today, with Pennzoil and Valvoline probably being the most famous brands. However, both the Brad Penn and Shell Rotela brands are enormously popular with consumers. Most motor oil on the market today is made from polyalphaolefins (PAO) and polyinternal olefins (PIO), both organic oil compounds renowned for their cooling abilities. Motor oil serves a variety of functions, the most important of which is to lubricate the parts of internal combustion engines. Motor oil also inhibits engine corrosion, and helps cool engines. Motor oil’s cooling effect is explained by the fact that oil conducts heat better than air. Amply lubricated engines are better able to conduct heat away from themselves than poorly lubricated engines. If an engine goes for a long enough period of time without motor oil, there is a very good chance that it will breakdown or possibly start a fire. Some engines need to be lubricated with motor oil more frequently than others, but a good general rule of thumb is to lubricate the engine every three months; this ensures that problems related to overheating are extremely unlikely to occur. With motor oil, it is generally a very good idea to try out several different brands, and see which one you like best. There are so many brands available on the market today that it is virtually impossible to know if you are using the ideal motor oil for your car if you don’t try out many brands of motor oil. If you do decide to try out several different brands, try to find some motor oil coupons before making any purchases.

Find Motor Oil Coupons

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